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About Us

Employed in the late 70's, at:
Lockheed aircraft corp. Burbank, ca.
In the famous "Skunk Works" building 309 -310

I held welding classification's as:
  • Tooling Welder Sr.
  • Combination Precision Cert
  • Welder For over 15yrs.

Hands on projects include :
  • Special Projects For The D.O.D. ( Dept. Of Defense )
  • F-117 Nighthawk ( Stealth Fighter )
  • Sr-71 Black Bird
  • Star Wars Projects " Introduced By The Late Pres. Ronald Regan
  • Ground Support
  • Major Jig's And Fixtures, Tooling

Also, employed at:
Rocketdyne in canoga park, ca.
And, pacific scientific in duarte, ca.

Angels welding company; est. In 1977 was named after my daughter " angel " began as part time work, but with the fall of the once " aircraft giant's " in the mid. 90's here in Southern California. It was time, to somewhat reinvent myself and i was humbled to find out that even with all my" high-tech welding experience" there was much to learn to compete as a full time professional Welder.

Blessed with two son's who are creative in design, hard working craftsman and certified welders, we opened a shop that service's include everything from; aircraft component's to forged iron
Work (Please see our service's)

We have evolved into a full time family business with over 25yrs. Exp.
In; full mobile service and in-shop fabrication. Specializing in aluminum and stainless steel.

We are well known throughout southern california. And have acquired an impressive list of company's that require a variety of different types of our welding service's .
(Please see our service's)
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